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Have you authored a book? Are you having difficulty publishing your masterpiece? Our expert publishing staff can help! Our team of experts can format your manuscript and your illustrations and graphics for all e-readers (Nook™, Kindle™, iPad™, iPhone™) and for print distribution.

Why select Precise Authoring Services for all your publishing needs?

It is simple, really. Creating E-Books from your manuscript takes time. Online auto-converters that claim to convert your MsWord document into ePub or mobi formats leave a lot to be desired. Every e-reader on the market today has varying screen sizes and formatting requirements. What works on a Kindle™ doesn't necessarily work on an iPad™ or Nook™. Our professional team members are experts in coding the digital book formats that will allow your book to be sold on Amazon™, on the iBookstore™ (iTunes™) and through Barnes and Noble for their Nook™ product.

Getting a printed copy of your book into the marketplace is another hurdle. Print standards vary from country to country, so if you want global distribution, you have to know what formats, page sizes, margins and layouts will be accepted by retailers. All book retailers require that your book be identified with a unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each version of every manuscript you publish (that means each e-reader version and each different printed version must have its own, unique ISBN - at a minimum cost of $250.00 each!). Our publishing services for printed books takes all that stress off the author's shoulders! Here at PAS, we are experts at formatting your manuscript for print and submitting it to the major book retailers like Barnes and Noble, Amazon and more. Authors who utilize PAS for their publishing needs no longer have to learn how to adjust for "full bleeds" or deal with low DPI error messages. PAS publishing alleviates all the formatting headaches that writers experience.

Our goal is to provide every author with the exceptional customer service they deserve and format error-free e-Book and print format files that will be accepted by all retailers. Better yet, with our "Shared Royalty" option, the writer has NO upfront costs or fees! That's right, we do all the laborious formatting for print and digital versions of your book, program the ePub and MOBI files, obtain all the ISBNs required and submit your book to the various retail venues - and you don't pay a penny upfront! Our fees are covered by a shared split of the royalties.

Contact PAS Publishing today with any questions you may have!

Or, if you prefer, you can provide us with your ISBN for each version of your book you want published and we will create the formatted files for your digital and printed versions for you for a flat fee. Then you can submit them to all the publishing houses and book retailers on your own.Please note that with this option, book length, size and number of illustrations and quality of graphics will impact the rate charged. This option requires payment in full prior to commencement of work.

What do authors who use PAS publishing say?

Carlita DelCorso, published author

"I am a master at beadwork and have written books on my subject of expertise, but I was having a terrible time getting published. Even all the self-publish websites had so many formatting hoops to jump through, I just gave up! I don't know how to write code files for eBooks and all those automatic converters messed up every page - the graphics were all out of place, the text was all chopped up, and I was pulling out my hair. Thank goodness I found PAS - what a lifesaver! They did it all, I just sent them my manuscript and a zip file with my graphics and voila - I was published! My book was on Amazon in less than a week! Better still, it didn't cost me a penny upfront! I would highly recommend Precise Authoring Services to any writer looking to get their book published and out in the marketplace!"

Carlita's latest book

Nancy J. Duso, published author

"PAS published my first book and now they are getting ready to publish my second one. I am amazed at how easy it was to work with them. They even did some cover design work for me because I just could never get all those size and DPI settings right, no matter how hard I tried. I lead an extremely busy life and I just don't have time to learn to code ePub and MOBI files or to deal with all the parameters required in a book for print. Thankfully, PAS takes care of all of that stuff! I used the shared royalty option and the greatest part is PAS tracks all my sales, provides me with a detailed monthly sales report and my royalty payments are in my account on the first day of every month without fail! If you have a book you want published and just can't deal with the piles of formatting requirements and want your book published and available for sale in short order, then you need PAS as much as I do! I give them a two-thumbs up!"

Nancy's latest book

Why partner with PAS for your publishing needs?

  • Guaranteed royalty payments deposited directly to your PayPal account
  • Monthly detailed sales reports
  • You retain ownership of your work
  • No formatting headaches!
  • Your book gets published and to market with NO UPFRONT COSTS! (shared royalty option only)
The advantages of partnering with Precise Authoring Services to publish your book will make living your dream as a published author possible without all the self-publishing woes!
Contact PAS Publishing to get started!

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Whether you need 500 words or 2000, our staff of professional copywriters will consistently deliver high quality search engine optimized articles that meet your specifications. Our SEO copywriters can ensure that each article flows well, includes your keywords and any links requested.


Our talented writing staff and our graphic layout experts will create an e-book that would rival any printed version for sale at a bookseller. If you want more than humdrum text, you have found your solution with Precise Authoring Services .

Graphic Layout/Design

Nothing makes great writing better, with the exception of adding fantastic graphics in an eye-pleasing layout. Whether you need a marketing brochure, mailer, e-book, newsletter or a redesign of your website , our fabulously gifted team can make your vision a reality.

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